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  • Wood-plastic flooring is a new kind of environment-friendly wood-plastic composite material product. In production, lignin occurs in the process of high-density fiberboard, and participate in regenerating plastics to make wood-plastic composite data through granulation equipment. Then the extrusion production group was made into wood-plastic flooring. Together with wood and plastic water-resistant corrosion-resistant properties make it a functional and very useful outdoor waterproof and anticorrosive building materials. Because wood-plastic has both water-resistant properties of plastics and texture of wood, it becomes an excellent and very useful outdoor building material (wood-plastic floor, wood-plastic gate, wood-plastic chair stool, garden or waterfront scene, etc.). Instead of port and wharf, wooden components can be used instead of wood to make various packaging, pallets, bunker pads, etc., so they can be used in a wide range of applications. If the ambient temperature of the products with wood-plastic composite materials changes greatly, then the uneven heating between the surface layer and the interior will simply result in swelling and shortening deformation, etc. In the long run, the life of wood-plastic floor will be shortened. In order to save money, some manufacturers will reduce the use of antioxidants and other related auxiliaries, and perhaps reduce the amount of wood flour and other wood fibers.

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  • how to install wpc decking well DateSat Nov 10, 2018 6:50 am
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    Now the country is paying more attention to environmental protection. Under this kind of environment, plastic wood suitable for environmental protection is very popular. More and more people choose plastic wood flooring. Many friends are saying that I know how to use plastic wood flooring. But if you want to say that this installation is really not clear, in order for us to make better use of the plastic wood flooring, we need to understand how it is installed. Below, please take a look at the concrete introduction that the plastic wood has brought to us, the details of which are as follows. For reference only. Generally speaking, our installation of plastic wood decking is carried out by a special person. In the past, we have to deal with the marking of the floor first, and in our installation of the plastic wood floor, we have to carry out the installation of the plastic wood floor. Install time must follow the instructions, if the random operation that may lead to adverse results. In the course of our installation of the plastic wood floor, we often use electric drills, because the plastic wood is more brittle, so we'd better use the electric drill to lead the hole first, and then fix it with screws. Remember, don't nail directly, or you'll probably break the data. Of course, we will use a lot of things when we install them. In this case, we will not describe them one by one. When we install the plastic wood flooring, we must be careful, or else we will probably miss it for a long time. It's something we don't want to see. If you have any different views and perspectives on the installation of plastic flooring, we are welcome to comment and communicate with us. Today's introduction is over. Thank you for watching. Thank you.

  • installation of plastic wood flooringDateSat Nov 10, 2018 6:42 am
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    How to install wpc decking

    (1)Composite decking boards installation construction accessories: plastic wood flooring, keel, buckle, expansion pipe (2) before installation, from the professional point of view of installing flooring, before the installation of the floor, it is necessary to keep the plastic-wood floor dry and smooth, Clean good condition, so as to better ensure that the follow-up installation work smoothly. 2, prepare the installation tool electric drill, common woodworking tool, labor protection glove, stainless steel screw and so on, the electric drill is the necessary tool to install the plastic wood floor. Plastic wood floor is brittle. When fixing the floor and keel, it is necessary to use electric drill to lead the hole, and then fix with screws to avoid damage to the plastic wood floor. (III) Installation process 1, fix the molded keel: the plastwood keel is evenly arranged on the cement floor, and the distance between each stem is recommended to be 30 cm. Using electric drill to lead hole on keel, lead hole diameter can not be smaller than screw diameter, then screw into drill hole, fix keel on cement ground, nail head should be rotated into keel, do not expose outside, otherwise the floor layout may be uneven. 2, fixed the first floor: each plastic wood floor on the left and right sides of the respectively yin and yang groove. When paving the first floor, you can use a woodworking tool to cut off or grind the positive slot on the outside of the first floor, and then use an electric drill on the surface of the floor Lead the hole, open the screw, and fix it on the keel.

    (3) fixing the second floor: the positive slot of the second plastic wood floor is stuck in the position of the negative slot of the first floor, and then the lead hole is electrically drilled on the surface of the positive slot side of the second floor, and the screw is rotated to fix it on the keel. Screw spacing can be controlled by the construction personnel during the installation process, not too dense, guaranteed to be firm.

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    Three, plastic wood flooring construction matters needing attention:

    1. Plastic wood can be cut, sawed, drilled and tenon with common woodworking machines. 2. The plastic wood keel is fixed on the floor with the expansion tube, the distance between the fixed point of the expansion pipe is 500mm-600mm, the screw cap is lower than the surface of the wooden keel, and the wooden keel fixation needs to be all flat. (3) Self-tapping screws are used between plastic wood and plastic wood, stainless steel tapping screws are the best in field use, and self-drilling tapping screws are used for plastic wood and steel plates. 4. Use self-tapping screw to fasten plastic wood and plastic wood. The diameter of the predrilled hole should be less than 3 / 4 of the diameter of the screw. 5, when installing the field floor, the plastic wood profile and each keel need to be left Apply one screw to the right. 6. The joint point of plastic wood floor and keel is fixed with plastic clasp.

    Fourth, the main points of installation of plastic wood flooring:

    1. The plastic wood has the characteristic of slight heat rise and cold contraction. Considering the cleaning and other reasons, the plastic wood profile has proper gap between the side and the edge, and between the end and the end. The reservation of the gap is also related to the climate and temperature at the time of construction. 2. It is best to fit the profile on the keel when filling the plastic floor. According to the thickness of profile (20MM-40MM) keel distance is generally between 400MM-500MM.

    Saw the relevant knowledge of plastic wood flooring installation, we also have a certain understanding of plastic wood flooring. Plastic wood flooring is more environmentally friendly than other flooring, modern social development has a very far-reaching significance, so remind everyone in the use of the process must be cherish.

  • Plastic wood flower box DateSat Nov 10, 2018 6:35 am
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    Flower boxes can be seen in many places, large-scale shopping malls, scenic spots, real estate and other places can be seen. There are also many kinds of male flower boxes. Today, I will focus on introducing the new type of wooden flower boxes. The scope of application of these boxes should be said to be the most extensive, and its main features are several:

    (1) Waterproof and moisture-proof. It solves the problem that wood products are easy to rot and dilate and deform after moisture absorption in wet and multi-water environment, and can be used in the environment where traditional wood products can not be used. (2) preventing insects and termites, effectively eliminating insect harassment and prolonging service life. (3) there are many colors to choose from. Both natural wood texture and texture, but also according to their own personality to customize the color. (4) strong plasticity, very simple to achieve personalized modeling, fully reflect the personality style. (5) High environmental protection, no pollution, no pollution, Reuse. The product contains no benzene and formaldehyde content is 0.2, which is lower than EO scale. It is a European scale of environmental protection, and can be recycled greatly to save the use of wood, suitable for sustainable development of the national policy, for the benefit of society. (6) high fire resistance. Effective flame-retardant, fire-proof grade B1, self-extinguishing, no toxic gas. (7) good machinability, order, planing, sawing, drilling and painting. (8) simple installation, convenient construction, no complicated construction technology, saving installation time and cost. (9) No crack, no expansion, no deformation, no need for maintenance and maintenance Protection, easy to clean, save later repair and maintenance costs!

    The material properties of the plastic wood flower box are very suitable for outdoor use, so the quality of the plastic wood flower box is very secure.

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    In the design and construction of wood-plastic gallery frame, we should pay attention to the following points:

    The grape frame should be beautiful and easy to use in the shade, and it should also be good after the fallen leaves. Therefore, it should be designed as a work of art, not only as a structure, but also in proportion, material selection and necessary decoration. The flower stand should not be too big. Too big not easy to do light, too high, not easy to shadow and open, as close as possible to nature.

    Installation method of wood-plastic grape frame

    Grape stands need to be percolated around, apart from supporting walls, columns, no wall doors and windows. The top and bottom planes of the grape frame do not have to be symmetrical and similar. They can freely expand and cross each other, making the grape frame in the garden landscape, unobstructed. The most important thing is to design the form of grape frame according to the characteristics of climbing plants, to design the structure of flower rack and to select wood and plastic materials according to the biological characteristics of climbing plants.

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    The most common question we’re asked is “How many deckings will I need?”.” How many PCS of Clips does one sqm WPC decking need ?“”

    Our calculator below should be able to give you an idea of how much decking boards you will need, and. Of course if you wish to speak to one of our sales for a much more accurate quote then please Contact with us by

    1:Start with the area you want, in square metres. To do this, simply measure the area of the meter and multiply the width by the depth. If the area you are doing is not a simple rectangle, you need to divide it into several rectangles and calculate each area separately.

    wpc decking calculator how to calculate how much floor this place needs

  • A wood plastic composite factory from China DateFri Nov 09, 2018 12:47 pm
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    Changshu composite wood-plastic floor strict quality control-Wuxi Jinhe run plastic wood professional production of all kinds of composite decking boards, plastic wood wall board, plastic wood guardrail, plastic wood flower rack and other types of PE plastic wood profile, now has a complete production line of 20 plastic wood, All kinds of plastic wood profile extrusion die more than 80 sets. Composite wood flooring professional manufacturers recommend Jinhe moisturizing wood. Some cases of Wuxi gold and moisture-plastic wood: the company has implemented both domestic and foreign marketing strategy, successively for Nantong Tongzhou Bay Science and Education City, Huaibei Fenghu Park, Zhejiang Fuchun Horse Club, Xinjiang Dorang River Park and many other domestic projects to provide PE plastic wood products; At the same time products are exported to the United States, Canada Big, Norway, Spain, Brazil, Russia and other 17 countries and regions, with excellent quality, perfect service, has won wide recognition and praise from customers. Wuxi Jinhe run plastic wood strength: our main products include plastic wood hollow / solid flooring, plastic wood assembly (DIY) floor, plastic wood guardrail / railing / fence, plastic wood park chair, plastic wood flower box / flower pool, plastic wood flower rack, plastic wood gallery frame, plastic wood parapet / railing / fence, plastic wood park chair, plastic wood flower box / flower pond, plastic wood flower rack, plastic wood gallery frame, Plastic wood pavilion, plastic wood trestle and other outdoor wood products. Adhering to green production and scientific quality management, the company has passed the certification of green products, ISO9001 quality management and ISO14001 environmental management. The quality of the product is in accordance with the European Union CE, the United States ASTM and SGS and other related standards and testing. The company adheres to green production and scientific quality management, has passed green products, ISO9001 quality management and ISO14001 environmental management certification, the product quality meets and fully through the European Union CE, ASTM and SGS and other related standards and testing. The company adheres to green production and scientific quality management. It has passed green products, ISO9001 quality management and ISO14001 environmental management certification. Through the Chinese national standards, European Union CE, ASTM and SGS and other related standards and testing. Plastic wood materials have the advantages of both plastics and wood: moisture-proof, mold-proof, moth-proof, non-cracking, non-warping, durable, easy to install, can replace plastics and wood in many occasions, and is a kind of potential for development. New environmentally friendly materials with a wide range of adaptations.

  • choose good wpc outdoor decking DateFri Nov 09, 2018 12:37 pm
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    First of all, look at the appearance, see whether the appearance of the floor has no significant high or low unyielding, then with sandpaper to polish the surface of the floor, if it is not easy to leave scratches, clarify the ground

    The wear-resistant level of the plate is high. The first thing we see after we receive the goods is of course not the surface of the goods, but the packaging. So, what parameters do we have to look at in terms of packaging?

    What about? First of all, we need to see whether the reverse side of the floor is printed with production time, brand name, series, and national scale data. If not, it is very clear that there is probably no production.


    The second look attestation. Must identify whether the business floor origin certificate, ISO9001 international quality certification, ISO14001 international environmental certification certificate. By

    In the power giant certification is often necessary harsh, permanent monitoring of the product throughout, testing after the acquisition, so the power giant certification represents the high quality. High

    Quality products are generally more environmentally friendly, now health is important, so a more considerate consumer of a major issue is whether the floor is environmentally friendly. So it's elimination.

    Consumer in the purchase is sure to see whether it has passed the ISO14001 and China situation marking product certification.

    Finally, it depends on the price. Because of the cost limit, do not buy less than 70 yuan per square meter of aggrandizement wood flooring in the market, because the price is often lower

    Wood plastic decking itself certainly will not be particularly good material, may not be seen from the appearance, but it is actually adulterated in things is completely different, such as changxing hanming technology co.,ltd
    Lin Xin's wood and plastic profiles have added anti-ultraviolet rays, antioxidants, and so on, but from the appearance of ordinary plastic wood products on the market can not see much difference, only in the

    It will take 1-2 years to discover its benefits.

  • why choose wood plastic flooring DateFri Nov 09, 2018 12:31 pm
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    Wood-plastic flooring is a new kind of environment-friendly wood-plastic composite material. In production, lignin produced in the process of high-density fiberboard is made into wood-plastic composite by adding recycled plastics through granulation equipment. Then the extrusion production group was made into wood-plastic flooring.

    (1) Waterproof and moisture-proof. It solves the problem that wood products are easy to rot after moisture absorption in wet and multi-water environment, and the wood-plastic floor (14 sheets) can be expanded and deformed, which can be used in the environment where traditional wood products can not be used.

    (2) preventing insects and termites, effectively eliminating insect harassment and prolonging service life.

    (3) there are many colors to choose from. It has natural wood texture and texture, and can customize the color according to its own personality.

    (4) the plasticity is strong, can realize the personalization modelling very simply, fully manifests the individuality style.

    (5) High environmental protection, no pollution, no pollution and recycling. The product contains no benzene and formaldehyde content is 0.2, which is lower than EO grade standard. It is the European environmental protection standard. It can save the use of wood greatly, and is suitable for sustainable development and benefits the society.

    (6) high fire resistance. Effective flame-retardant, fire-proof grade B1, self-extinguishing, no toxic gas.

    (7) good workability, order, planing, sawing, drilling and painting of the surface

    composite decking boards from the installation of public facilities gradually into the field of home decoration. In addition to the flower shelves of our present villa, the floors of our outdoor courtyard, the fences, and our outdoor plywood tables and chairs, we should no longer worry about the corrosion of these wooden floors or chairs when exposed to the sun. In addition to the above uses, our star and Rui plastic wood has opened up any new applications, please look at the outer wall of the building below, is it because our plastic wood is added to look very upscale. Before the appearance of many buildings are decorated with external marble, but we all know the weight of marble is unclear, once old, hanging marble The risks and drawbacks are still very large, our star and plastic wood not only light and waterproof sunscreen, so now by a wide range of real estate developers love.

  • Let's elaborate on the advantages of indoor PVC wood plastic composite floor
    1. Environmental protection

    The main raw material for producing indoor PVC wood-plastic floor is polyvinyl chloride, which is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It has long been widely used in people's daily life, such as tableware, medical infusion pipe bags, etc. There is no need to worry about its environmental nature. The main component is natural stone powder, which is a new type of ground decoration material. Any qualified indoor PVC wood-plastic flooring must pass IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green certification.

    2, flame retardant

    Qualified indoor PVC wood-plastic floor fire-proof index can reach B1, B1 level that is to say fire prevention performance is very good, second only to stone. Indoor PVC wood-plastic floor itself does not burn and can prevent combustion; It does not produce toxic and harmful gases (according to figures provided by the security services: 95% of people injured in a fire are caused by toxic smoke and gas from burning).

    Three, super light and thin

    Indoor PVC wood-plastic flooring has only 5.5mm-8mm thickness and only 2-7KG weight per square meter. It has unparalleled advantages for building body bearing and space saving in building construction, and has special advantages in the transformation of old buildings.

    4, super anti-skid

    The wear-resistant layer of indoor PVC wpc decking has special anti-skid property, and compared with the common ground material, the indoor PVC wood-plastic floor feels more astringent under the condition of sticky water, and it is more difficult to slide to, that is, the more water the more astringent. Therefore, public safety requirements in public places such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools are the first choice of ground decoration materials, in recent years has been gradually popularized at home and abroad.

    5, super wear resistance

    Indoor PVC wood-plastic floor surface has a special layer of transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high-tech, the specially treated ultra-strong wear-resistant layer fully guarantees the excellent wear resistance of the ground material. The wear-resistant layer on the surface of indoor PVC wood-plastic floor can be used for 5-10 years under normal conditions according to the different thickness. The thickness and quality of the wear-resistant layer directly determine the working time of indoor PVC wood-plastic floor. The standard test results show that the 0.55mm thick wear-resistant layer floor can be used for more than 5 years under normal conditions, and the 0.7mm thick wear-resistant layer floor can be used for more than 10 years, so it is even more super wear-resistant. Because of the super Strong wear resistance, so in the flow of hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation and other places, PVC floor is becoming more and more popular.

    6, recyclable and reused

    Today is an era of pursuing sustainable development, new materials and new energy emerge endlessly. Indoor PVC wood-plastic flooring is the only decorative material that can be recycled and recycled. This is of great significance for the protection of our earth's natural resources and ecological environment.

    7, decorative

    Indoor PVC wood-plastic flooring has special variety such as carpet pattern, stone grain, wood flooring grain, grass grain, etc., the pattern is realistic and beautiful, the color is rich and gorgeous, patent lock buckle makes cutting and splicing simple and easy, give full play to one's own creativity and imagination, It can completely meet the individual needs of designers and different users and different decoration styles. And no color difference, light resistance, no radiation, long-term use.

    8. Quick installation and easy maintenance

    Indoor PVC wood-plastic floor installation construction is faster, without cement mortar, construction can be put into use. Easy to clean, maintenance free, not afraid of flooding, oil pollution, dilute acid, alkali and other chemical erosion, generally clean with wet cloth can save time and labor. After installation without waxing, only general daily maintenance can be smooth and clean as new.

    Wood plastic flooring for you, I hope to help you!

    wood plastic can aslo be used for WPC outdoor decking

  • As a new type of composite environmental protection material, WPC decking has great potential for market development. Compared with traditional flooring materials, it can be more environmentally friendly and compatible with a variety of household installation styles. Today, let's take a look at the plastic wood flooring, what are its advantages.


    Restaurant wood floor pictures

    Wide scope of application

    It is a new type of environmental protection and energy saving composite material, which can be used in a wide range of fields, so it can be used in many places, such as garden construction, interior and exterior wall decoration, flooring, guardrail and so on. Plastic wood flooring is made from wood and thermoplastic polymer materials and processing aids.

    Waterproof and moisture-proof

    Solid wood floors do not have good waterproofing. If they are soaked in water for a long time, the inherent wood structural materials will be affected, and this kind of new composite material will not have this problem. Their waterproof and moisture-proof properties are more prominent. This is also a large number of consumers choose this type of floor one of the important reasons.

    Insect and mothproof

    Because solid wood flooring is a natural material, it is more or less affected by some insect or termites bites, so many consumers who buy solid wood flooring are very upset, because solid wood materials are more expensive. Some moths can damage beauty, but plastic floors don't have this problem, adding composite materials to avoid termites bites, and they have a longer service life.

    Various designs and styles

    The market demand will make more products appear, and so is the plastic wood flooring. It has no restrictions on color, the market has more and more styles and colors for consumers to choose from, and at the same time, it presents a variety of styles. Be able to fit with a variety of decoration occasions, to meet the needs of personality. For many consumers, solid wood flooring is good, but also relatively monotonous, a new plastic flooring is indeed a good idea.

    High performance-to-price ratio

    Compared with the whole wood flooring, the plastic wood flooring combines the advantages of plastic and solid wood materials, it is more safe and environmental protection, and it can also reduce the formaldehyde content in the solid wood materials, so it is more secure for the health of the human body. Compared with the traditional flooring, plastic wood flooring is more cost-effective, but in the overall process is not inferior to the solid wood flooring.

    I believe that after this introduction, we have a better understanding of the plastic wood flooring, when the purchase can be more handy.
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  • swimming pool deck material DateFri Nov 09, 2018 8:59 am

    The deck is a combination of swimming pool and beautification. The floor swimming pool deck needs to meet several criteria. You need to consider size, durability, heat resistance, skid resistance, maintenance, deck shelter, deck railing design, and of course costs.

    Floor swimming pool deck can be quickly installed, can save digging, has a striking appearance, and the quality is very reliable.

    The size of the deck determines what type of furniture to use-tables, sun beds, leisure furniture, or umbrellas. After all, it's an outdoor place, you spend a lot of time with friends and family, and you want it to be as comfortable as possible.

    best wood for swimming pool deck

    When choosing deck material, anti-slip needs to be considered very carefully. Many decorative materials may become slippery, and safety is the most important consideration. Heat resistance is another important feature of the pool deck. For example, tiles or tiles can get very hot in summer, while other materials such as teak are better suited for barefoot walking.

    Concrete with reflective properties is also an appropriate material for the pool deck. When selecting the type of deck, it is also necessary to consider service life and maintenance convenience. Wood, punched concrete, tiles, pavers, limestone, tiles-all of which require different types of maintenance and need to see which one suits you best.

    Wood is one of the best natural materials and has a strong position in modern pool design. The wooden deck has a spectacular appearance and conforms to safety standards. It's not as hot as a stone or tile, and if it's made, it won't slip. Cedar, cypress and teak are the most popular deck options. However, wood needs to be maintained regularly to avoid decay.

    Bricks are another popular choice because they are durable and visually attractive. Bricks with deep lines but relatively smooth surfaces are recommended as barefoot walking is more convenient. Brick service life is long, but need sealing and maintenance.

    Natural stone swimming pool deck is very attractive, there are many options. Each type of stone is different in color. Avoid dark stones, which can easily absorb heat and cause foot burns or stone deformation.


    Pouring or stamping concrete is a cost-effective choice that comes in a variety of colors and surface treatments. The design is rich and colorful, but the more smooth surface can cause skidding.

    The cost and budget of the material will affect the selection of deck materials, but it is recommended to select the most appropriate. Remember, in addition to materials, consider installation costs

  • Composite resin manhole covers are made of polymer composites without any recycling value. The resin composite manhole cover is made of unsaturated polyester resin, modified polystyrene, organic, inorganic fiber, modified PS and other high strength materials. The composition of the resin is also natural and synthetic, and the following is a detailed description of the difference between the two. 1. The well cover adopts stratified composite technology to meet the requirements of structure innovation and material innovation. Different reinforcement materials are used in different parts of the well cover, which makes the well cover have higher bearing capacity and longer service life. Competitive in the market. 2. According to the individual needs of the users, the manhole cover merges graphics and text art, relief art and color art into a whole, which is applied on the surface of the manhole cover to achieve artistic effect and to create a school of its own, so as to enhance the cultural grade of the whole project. 3. Multi-color quartz sand is used as wear-resistant material and light stabilizer is added in the wear-resistant layer, the service life of wear-resisting property of the product is doubled, and the high bearing capacity of the product is ensured by continuous strengthening of fiber skeleton. Why the resin manhole is round: there are vehicles passing through the manhole at any time, using a circle, mainly considering that each diameter length of the circular manhole through the center of the manhole is In the same way, if the cover is rolled up by the passing vehicle, it will be slightly wider in diameter than the bottom well head, no matter how it is pressed, and the cover will not fall into the well head. If the square is adopted because the diagonal line of the square is obviously longer than that of each side of the well when the cover is rolled it is easy to fall into the well along the diagonal direction of the wellhead and cause a potential safety hazard. One might ask that if the wellhead is rounded or significantly smaller than the well cover, the square well cover will not fall into the well. Here is a matter of maximizing the use and saving of materials. The use of the wellhead depends on the size of the wellhead, if you have to press an area on it If the square well cover is far larger than that of the well head, the use and practical value of the material will not be more effective than that of the circular well cover, which not only saves the material of the well cover, but also ensures the safety of the well head.

  • Hanming wood plastic composite new material is green energy-saving environmental protection product. It has characteristics of natural wood grain,colour and lustre,texture,as well as high polymer material unique character: waterproof, fireproof, mothproof, anti-UV, acid-proof alkaline, wearproof, no paintingonce-through shaping, recyclable. Hanming WPC has characteristics of anti-aging, no rust, no cracking, no deformation, no waste, maintenance-free, heavy load-bearing, long life-time etc. The product have attractive appearance, simple installation, easy maintenance, save time and effort, high efficiency. To meet the diverse needs of our customers.

    China WPC decking manufacturer

    Our company has approved many international certifications: ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, FSC certification CE certification . And all products approved by an independent third-party lab-SGS test.

    wpc flooring outdoor Compoment:

    - 55% wood fiber (Professionally treated dry wood fiber)

    - 35% HDPE (Grade A Recycled HDPE)

    - 10% chemical additives like Anti-UV agent, Anti-oxidation agent, stabilizers, colorants, anti fungus agent, coupling agent, reinforcing agent, lubricants, etc.

    Product Specification:

    Item DSE-XFD008
    Dimension 140*25mm
    Length Customized, 2.2m or 4m is much better
    Weight 2.87kg/m
    Material 35%HDPE(polyethylene)+60%wood fiber+5%additives
    Surface treatment Brushed, Sanded, Smooth, Embossing, Wood grain
    Color 9 options
    OEM accepted
    MOQ 200sqm
    Certificates SGS FSC ISO Intertek
    Warranty 15years
    Applications Swimming pool, garden, park , lawn,dock,balcony,playground, corridor


    Natural wood texture, looks and feels like natural wood.
    100% recycled, environmental friendly, saving forest resources.
    15-20 years long life time, anti-impact, weather- proof, with high density.
    Anti-UV, color stability.
    Longer usage/life cycle - resistant to rot and wood eating organisms.
    Durable, firm, because of its high density.
    Stronger and more flexible than traditional wood products.
    Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent.
    Green ecological, Innovative technology, Lifestyle.
    small swelling in thickness 0.05% (Europe request standard ≤0.1%).
    Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, no cracking
    Saving time - easy maintenance and installation and low labor cost.
    Standard woodworking tools can be used.
    Required no painting, no glue, low maintenance.
    Weather resistant, suitable from -40°C to 65°C.

  • Topic by jeanlinwpc. Forum: General Section

    2900mm Wood Plastic Composite Decking Material With Square Hollow


    Characteristic of WPC Decking/Flooring, Decking/Flooring, Wood Plastic Deckin Flooring,

    Composite Decking/Flooring, Wood Plastic Composite Decking Material​:

    15-year warranty

    No painting required

    100 % recyclable

    Can be perfectly combined with thermal insulation

    Quick and simple installation

    Tongue & groove system



    Easy to care for

    An extensive colour ranges

    An extensive end profiles range

    All the standard embossing is available with this option.

    It offers the best combination of price and quality. Different surface treatment options are available

    as added features.

    The unique embossing patterns enhance the beauty of the boards, as well as adding to its authenticity.



    Office,hotels,Public building,Superstores,architectural fascias,commercial premises

    wood plastic composite outdoor decking is suitable for your garden decking,garden flooring and park

    flooring,all floorings are in natural wood grain

    It combines the advantages of wood and plastic, but reduces the need for repetitive and wasteful

    maintenance, and decreases the amount of attention and money will needed to spend on repairs.

    WPC composite decking is flexible for design and appearance specifications as wood, on the other

    hand, since it’s not just wood, it doesn’t splinter, wrap and decay, and it impervious to rot and wood

    eating organisms. It represents the newest trends in the building materials market.



    2900mm Wood Plastic Composite Decking Material With Square Hollow


    140mm*25mm, Hollow


    2.9m, Customized length


    Teak, Beech, Black Walnut, Coffee, Customized color

    Material component

    60% PVC+30% Wood Powder+10% special additives


    Smooth, Brushed, Scratched, Grain optional




    ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, SGS




    pallet with PVC soft flim

    Range of use

    Garden, Lawn, Balcony, Corridor, Garage, Pool&SPA Surrounds, Boardwalk,


    Competitive Advantage:

    We are professional in doing PVC extruding products for nearly 20 years. With advanced production

    lines from Germany and Italy, we have a total annual capacity of over 5 million square meters Vinyl Decking Materials , over 6,000MT plastic-wood products, and over 2,000MT other PVC products.

    Our company has strong technology capability. We have more than 20 engineers and technicians

    who are specializing in developing new products. All kinds of types and design colors we have

    developed are leading the fashion in Chinese decoration field. We have more than 140 chain shops

    and own several patents in China. Our products sell well in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

    Test Reprot:

    Table 2.Test Results

    Test Method



    ASTM G155

    Weathering Resistance

    After 2000hours weathering test

    Grey scale:3

    There was some color changer on the


    Table 2

    Test Method



    ASTM D 256

    Impact resistance

    59.1 J/m

    Break type Complete break

    ASTM D 790

    Flexural strength




    ASTM D1037

    Water absorption and

    Swelling in thickness

    (24hours immersion)

    Water absorption:0.16%

    Swelling thickness:0.10%

    ASTM D2395

    Specific gravity


    ASTM D4060

    Abrasion Resistance


    Weight Loss:0.12g

    ASTM D696

    Coefficient of linear

    thermal expansion


    5.13*10-5 1/℃

    ASTM D2394

    Slip Resistance Test

    Static Slip Resistance

    Dynamic Slip


    Dry surface



    Wet Surface



    ASTM D638

    Tensile strength






    Flexural strength:Initial

    (Thickness:27mm,span 432mm)



    Flexural strength Temperature

    and moisture effects(-29℃ for 7days)

    MOR:35.0Mpa,increase 5.4%

    MOE:2209Mpa, increase 6.6%

    Flexural strength Temperature and

    moisture effects(52℃ for 7days)

    MOR:35.2Mpa,increase 6.0%

    MOE:2162Mpa, increase 4.3%

    Flexural strength Temperature

    and moisture effects(immersing

    in water for 7days)

    MOR:33.4Mpa,increase 0.6%

    MOE:2103Mpa, increase 1.4%

    ASTM D7031

    and ASTM


    Flexural strength


    (After freeze-thaw resistance)

    MOR:33.4Mpa,increase 6.0%

    MOE:2167Mpa, increase 4.5%

    ASTM D1761

    Fastener withdrawal test


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