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  • applications of laser cutting to the panelDateMon Mar 04, 2019 10:21 pm
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    Application of laser cutting services in paneling
    Today laser cutting services are commonly used in various industries, including paneling. With the advent of laser cutting machines to cut plexiglass and pvc sheets in the area of ​​the design and cutting of designs drawn by software such as Curr or AutoCAD, and the implementation of designs by laser cutting machines on these sheets, much work It is easier to cut, laser cutting different materials with high speed and precision, and cutters can be used to cut most metals such as steel, iron, aluminum, wood, plastics, glass, ceramics and other items. The use of laser cutting services instead of cutting by the handwriter makes things quicker and easier, and the construction of highlight letters used in wood, plexiglass, plastic, hand made in the past and spent a lot of time cutting each one. The letters could now be easily made using a laser cutting machine. Making laser billboards using Plexiglass components is most commonly used in office and exhibition spaces. In addition, laser machines also operate as a cutter platter, and no longer need to buy a plotter cutter.

    What is laser cutting?
    It is a kind of technology with its simplest structure containing two mirrors that are faced in parallel, in which an active environment is formed between these two mirrors, which enhances the process of radiation and reflection between the two mirrors, and Laser action occurs.

    Laser Cutting Machine:
    Laser cutting machine designs and cutting operations with the help of computers. After plotting and plotting by software such as AutoCAD or Corell, a laser-coated laser cutting machine produces a laser, and then the laser beam moves forward and backwards, and then reinforces it. The tube turns off, the laser goes out and is done by the lens to the point in the projection and cutting. In common mode, the laser cutting machine uses a 1.5-ohm ray and about one to two thousand watts of energy, which is capable of melting and cutting any material, but due to the fact that the more radiation in matter The penetration of its energy is less, because the cutter cutter is 20mm.

    The laser that the laser cutting machine itself reflects is composed of a photon that is reflected by some materials, such as aluminum and copper alloys. These materials, in addition to reflecting the laser, are also conductive heat and extend the heat at their surface, which is why the laser is well reflected in the spot. The laser used in a laser cutting machine is 1 mm in diameter.

    Types of lasers
    We have several lasers for various applications, including laser lasers, laser lasers, radioactive lasers, solid lasers, fiber lasers, which utilize two types of solid and solid lasers. There are several types of lasers, among which the most widely used It has CO2 that is used to cut and engrave various materials such as plexiglas, wood, glass and cloth. The use of a CNC laser cutting machine includes two non-metallic laser cutting and non-metallic cutting slices, these devices are guided The computer and the laser that comes from them are laser cutting, laser engraving and other hair. Denied doing with great speed and accuracy.

    Applications of Laser Cutting to the Panel
    Making laser boards

    Laser cutting of letters to build a variety of shop floorboards and storefronts like the Chlonium Tablet

    Laser cutting of metals such as gold, silver, platinum, steel, copper, rice, aluminum and iron

    Non-metallic laser cutting such as wood, leather, MDF, fabric, paper, cardboard, plexiglas

    Advantages of Laser Cutting Services:
    Production and cutting of small and complex pieces

    High precision when cutting

    Ability to create ideas and beauties in design and cutting

    Quickly perform the job and deliver fast orders

    High Quality

    Low losses caused by cutting work

    Laser cutting features in the layout:
    Rise in the quality level of work and minimize the errors associated with the steps of bending letters

    Performing holes related to installation of LEDs in LED panels accurately and in high quality

    Cut the letters in a very short time

    Removing sharp and sharp edges caused by the cutting of letters by hand and by scissors, especially when making steel panels.

    Used Laser Cutting Machines
    Laser cutting machine for metal fiberglass

    SCU laser cutting and engraving machine

    CMA laser cutting and engraving machine

    Flat laser cutting and engraving machine

    SF laser cutting and engraving machine

    GSI Metal Laser Cutting Machine

    Types of applied materials on the panel:
    Metallic Steel, used to make all kinds of steel panels, such as highlighting letterboards, gold plated

    Plexiglas is a type of material used to create a variety of advertising signs.

    Timber or Thermoved Wood, which has an extraordinary beauty to make a storefront, as well as a wood pane or wooden panel.

    Usable use of laser cutting on the panel:
    Making laser printers such as engraving or logo on a billboard, engraving designs and creating artistic ideas on the board.

    Embossed cut for the production of various billboards such as panel steel, chlonium panel, plastic neon panel

    Making Seal With Laser Machine

  • What is an LED panel?DateThu Feb 21, 2019 9:44 am
    Topic by panel123. Forum: General Section

    The LED panel is a type of digital display, the main elements of which are LED bulbs. LED panels are better than other billboards, such as a neon panel, a flexi display and a banner, because they can move pictures and images and affect visual visibility of the viewer.

    Types of LED panels:

    Fixed LED display:

    Written in this way, and dramatic images play a steady and motionless role, they only emit light and engage the mind of the viewer.

    LED LCD panel:

    Written and illustrated by LEDs, they perform a beautiful animation featuring the following models.

    Monochrome LED board: Design of this model is so illustrated that it can display only one color. For example, if you choose red for your own slideshow, all the images and images are displayed in red. To be laid

    Triple color LED panel: You can use three different colors to design this type of billboard, for example, part of the text in red, green and part in a different color.

    Full color LED panel: This board model fits all expectations from a billboard that can be displayed on anything that includes movies, photos, promotional teasers and text.

    Components Containing LED Panels:

    Module: LED modules are blocks that are ready to put together these ready-made blocks in a special frame for lighting a LED panel. Modules are easily interchangeable in case of crash, and in fact the color of the modules determines the color of your LED, and full-color module modules are full of colors.

    Control board: The control board has the task of planning and managing the display. The boards are available in Cpower, M31, M20, C10, Q41, etc., which can be connected in two ways to the board or permanently in It is placed behind the panel or stored in the memory of the panel.

    Power Supply Board LED:

    The power or power supply is a device that generates the required power supply to the control board and modules, and must be coordinated between the current through the modules, the power and the power supply.

    Washbasin: Washers and adhesives are used to prevent water penetration.

    Advantages of LED panels

    It is more attractive than the neon panel

    Low power consumption

    Longer life span


    Do not break easily

    You can adjust the light as desired

    You can use beautiful animated images to display

    In the event of a module failure, you can easily replace them

    If you use the monochrome or three-color module, you can change the color of your letter by changing the modules.

  • promotional styles and all sorts of themDateSun Dec 30, 2018 9:34 pm
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    Types of Advertising Methods:
    Any business to enter or remain in the world of competition requires advertising . Advertising is done in a variety of traditional ways and in modern advertising. Each business uses a variety of advertising methods based on its scope, customers, competitors, customs, culture, customer gender, customer age, and so on. Advertising in traditional and traditional ways such as banners, posters, billboards, billboards, billboards, billboards, urban TVs, LED panels and modern advertising, such as advertising on high-ranking sites, advertising Click, guerrilla advertising, sampling ads, blog ads, ads on social networks.
    What is an advertising campaign?
    Stand is a kind of structure that can be used to display a variety of printed materials with various materials on a specially designed base in a transparent manner, which is a highly affordable and almost every kind of business. Stocks are also a kind of advertising at the point of sale that is widely seen in front of stores, shopping malls and exhibitions, in addition to advertisements as information, providing general reports in places such as departments and role plays It looks at the visibility of the audience and can easily be moved and is very cost effective.

    Types of promotional styles:
    Exhibition Centers

    Store Stores

    Promotional Stores

    What is an advertising campaign?
    It is a type of advertising structure that is installed in many places, especially at the point of purchase, and the purpose of the design of this advertising structure is to introduce the business to the public, especially the customers. This billboard is used in domestic environments such as exhibitions, stores and shopping centers, hotels, conferences, and in foreign environments such as passages and malls.
    Types of Promotional Stands:
    Stand-up roll-up is a stand-up example that can be roll and has a bit of space.

    Desktop Stand: A type of style that is designed to fit small items that are most used in cosmetics, such as Locke

    Ground or Stand Stand: This type of stand has more dimensions than other standers and can display ads more extensively.

    Stand X: Stand is a stand that can be installed on the banner

    Swivel stitch: It is designed to create a 360 ° viewing angle, and the viewer can view it from any angle.

    Stands for catalogs: These desks are designed in both desktops and classrooms, and are suitable for catalogs related to products.

    Office Standards: These stands are usually made of Plexiglass and are used for multiple uses such as brochures, catalogs, and other print elements, with office desks being divided into three categories: business cards, single-leaf desktops, and catalogs. Or brochure.

    Product Promotion Stand: It can be implemented with numerous materials including metal, plastic, plexiglass and MDF for many business applications including cosmetics, gold, mobiles, perfumes, food and writing supplies. Is used.

    Promotional role in the shopping center:
    Advertising at the point of purchase is very important to the point where someone may not have bought a product at all, but when viewed as a widespread publicity at the point of purchase, a buyer becomes involved because the high percentage who does not intend to buy purchases at the point of purchase. Promotional stands are one of the best tools to encourage customers to buy. That is why advertising agencies place particular importance on advertising at the point of sale and try to influence the visual mind of people by creating creative ideas and an advertising message. Move people to business owners.

    Advantages and features of promotional stalls:
    Available in open environments and closed spaces

    Two-way usability of stats

    In terms of cost, it is very affordable

    Easy to install and transport

    Can be changed without the need for major changes

    Customizable in custom sizes

    Variation in design and later

    There is no limit to the form and format

    With the new ideas and advertising slogans, you can make your profits and sales multiplier

    Promotional stands are designed and implemented based on customers' needs and tastes

    Ability to replace the design at a very low cost without the need for fundamental changes

    Can be used in small and large places

    Application of exhibition and advertising stalls:
    Introducing business and branding in a special way so that if it is designed in a creative way it can penetrate the audience for a long time.

    Use in conferences and news conferences for public information

    Can be implemented in any space and place

    Sampling Advertising

  • branches associated with the panelDateSun Nov 11, 2018 4:17 pm
    Topic by panel123. Forum: General Section

    In today's world, every person in every discipline and activity he has to deal with in his branch, other branches and techniques that may have never been related to his career, but today, with the advancement of science and technology and the integration of disciplines and techniques Many have become part of the essential branch of his career, so that he can fully work in his field of business and meet the needs of his customers.

    One of these is the art of publishing, which in the past was just a print on a piece of paper or fabric, but with the advancement of technology, today it requires the use of branches such as graphics, computer, 3D design, electronics science, color psychology and personality. And ... has been.

    Psychological Solutions advertising Techniques:
    One of the most important goals of communication is to communicate with the community and to understand the relationships between individuals, the psychology of colors, as well as the identification of the nature of the psychological, social, cultural, social, cultural, social, communicative, communication and communication processes, such as speaking and writing. And other methods of transferring the item desired by the
    panel .

    In today's world of competition today, companies have to use advertising in a variety of ways, such as paneling, which includes the construction of panels in various ways, such as panels, panels, chalcons, highlight boards, composite panels, panels Litrex, neon plastics, banner printing,
    billboards or advertising on radio and television.

    Branches associated with the construction of the panel:
    Laser engraving and cutting are two main attributes of the industry's application in paneling. A panel for making highlighted letters of chlinnium or highlighting plastics requires the use of a laser cutting machine so the panel must be familiar with how to use a laser cutting machine.

    Electronic :
    The installation of modules for LED boards and their circuitry, or SMD bulb wiring on a chalkboard or littermock switchboard, is required for the learning and teaching of electronic science.

    Computer science is one of the most important disciplines in the publishing industry because all designs are run by computers and software applications such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Graphics, etc. It is better to have a skilled boarder in these cases too. Of course, all of these work is done by professionals in the same field and can not all of these specialties simultaneously be a layout, but it is still necessary to have a sufficient field in each of these branches to justify the customer. Because the design of the chalynium panel, LED panel, Flexible panel and the effects of LED and many LEDs Some other things require working with this software.

    Now, for a psychological message to penetrate the minds of the audience, it is necessary to implement several strategies:
    1) Break the mental patterns of the audience:
    Stimulate the minds of the audience with social discussions and realities, and when the mind is ready to accept new words, start talking about your work and introducing products and services.

    2) Focus on the problem of customers before introducing your product:
    People will not come to you until they encounter problems that are related to your area of ​​work. Someone may not have the intention of buying or receiving a service provided by you because he does not understand the problems he does not care about and then he does not pay attention. In-person counseling Before you make your decision and insist on it, you need to make sure that your audience understands and is concerned with your problem related to your services. Once you have made sure that you are very bored with your solutions to eliminate the problems, then the respondent will be better justifiable for receiving those services.

    3) Create a mental image of the products or services for the customer:
    To introduce your product and service, it's best to engage the mind of the audience with the name of famous people in the use of your services because images, logos and brand names are better in mind. That is why most TV advertisements by prominent people like footballer Actors and actors to influence the minds of the audience.

    Principles of communication and how to use it in the paneling business:
    Cognitive Sense:
    The perception and perception of people from a scene, a landscape, a panel, a face, etc. is completely different, and everyone has a different understanding of his cultural, social, mental and psychological background. Therefore, attendants should consider all these points when making a board, so that what they create can be in the minds of all people with different characteristics that they want.

    Social role:
    Individuals with their roles in organizations and places of work are involved, so the vocabulary, terms and pictures on the signs, billboards and advertising banners should be in a way that affects the different people's mood and social needs, and the role and place of individuals To be considered in the community.

    cultural values ​​:
    Each member of the community has its own cultural characteristics that should be taken into account in the construction of the panel in order to bring the minds of all segments of the community to the fore.

  • Promotional tactics New tools for business boomDateThu Jul 12, 2018 11:10 pm
    Topic by panel123. Forum: General Section

    Today, a variety of ways, in addition to the presentation in such a way as a highlight board or panel chlinnium, has been promoted in the field of advertising, many of which are the era of technology and the Internet, and many are in the traditional way. Internet advertising is a broad concept and there are different types of content that we will continue to discuss each of these types of ads.
    Web Based Banner:

    These ads are similar to billboards. Billboards are seen on roads and highways, but banner ads are surfaced on web pages on the web. These banners are created using multimedia and animation images and animations using various software and placed in a section of the web page and clicked on it to the desired page.
    Situational advertising:

    This advertising model was first used by Google, then Yahoo and Microsoft. This method of advertising in the field of Internet marketing has been carefully designed and implemented. When a user searches for a particular item, automated text systems scan the user's web site in keyword terms and then display advertisements that match the content displayed to the user.
    Keyword advertising:

    First, Yahoo has been investing in this, but Google, which after Yahoo launched such ads, found more popularity than Yahoo. Keyword promotion is a promotional campaign for each time a click or ad is charged per activity.
    Blog Ads:

    Blogs are a very efficient way for businesses. Promotional blogs often use search engine marketing techniques to get better results.
    Mobile Music Promotion:

    This propaganda technique is intended to convince people to buy a product or receive services. The implementation of this type of consumer advertising makes it difficult to think about a product or service, or curiosity about it and ask a question. Therefore, this kind of advertisement is a strategy that can be used in any media, whether printed or electronically or broadcast widely.
    Promotional Ads:

    In this way, ads are promoted through the distribution of promotional gifts and promoted goods and services.
    Use of brand names and characters:

    In today's era, they use an attack technique to use new methods of advertising instead of criticism. Sometimes, by repeating the simple idea or slogan, one can become part of the truth of an action and create a unique and remarkable way for social media. The repetition of advertising without the quality of goods is a false advertisement, and slogans and advertising campaigns are constantly working on the media, and they are pursuing people as a prey, and they are thinking about setting up and developing methods for their further profit. Some companies want to make more profit by repeating advertising indirectly. Sentence slogans are key to publicizing a clear idea of ​​a brand. These slogans are designed for specific purposes that are more attractive to the audience than they are attractive. Another form of advertising is the use of celebrities and celebrities for commercial advertising, but sometimes they deceive people using famous characters and sell them to people of poor quality. In fact, using brand names or products in movies or television series and television programs, they indirectly promote their products and brands. Direct advertising is another way of advertising, which uses short or concise explanations of the product to advertise. If the direct dissemination method is integrated with the popular publication, the message will become more and more readily available to the audience.
    Coverage and Alternative Advertising:

    Some countries have banned ads such as alcoholic beverages or tobacco, which has led to the use of over-the-line brands that use special methods to advertise a product that is reminiscent of a banned product.
    Pixel ads:

    This method of advertising is also made through the Internet, and advertising costs are calculated based on the number of pixels occupied by advertised words.
    Bath advertising:

    Advertising in public spaces and rest
    Mobile ads:

    One of the most effective and at the same time the most disturbing type of advertising. Because today all people are mobile and when they make a message or call with their mobile phone, they definitely see it, so they even see these ads for a brief pause, and one of the most effective and effective ways to market and attract the audience. To be considered.

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