In the late autumn, there are

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by ylq123 • 19 Posts

In the late autumn, there are two phoenix trees standing in the evergreen trees of the campus. If a pair of lovers are dependent Buy Cigarettes Online Cuba, it will trigger my thousands of thoughts... Another Friday, a day when a student returns home. Another autumn season, a season of falling leaves. Another dead leaf fell, picked up, and looked closely, the history of the poetry has become pale. The bells that came home on Friday sounded, and the students went out of the school, but I was still waiting for a companion under the two trees. A cold wind swept into the trousers, and I couldn't help but shudder. Looking up, the eucalyptus leaves rustle in the autumn wind, and a burst of sorrow came to my heart. A golden eucalyptus leaves reluctantly left to nourish it for nearly a year, and it fell silently on my feet. I look down on it, its mature golden yellow tells me that this is the root of the fallen leaves, it should be like the leaves of the past years: the spring uses the fertile soil of the "predecessors" to extract the new shoots; the summer gives its own shade; To rot in the mud silently, waiting for the new leaves to nourish the spring of the coming year. Its life is so ordinary Marlboro Cigarette Diameter, the mission is so sacred, I admire, for this piece of yellow leaves to admire! I slowly crouched down and picked up the dead leaves. The wrinkles brought by the wind and rain of the year have become golden Newport Cigarette Outlet. It is old, its life has passed away, but it still has to reluctantly return to the soil. It said: "The leaves fall back to the roots, where do I come from, where is my mission, I am proud of it!" It made me ponder. I slowly put it back where it should be - the soil under the tree Newports Cigarettes Discounts. Quietly, I am gone, silent. On the way, I could not find the footsteps of my companions, walking alone in the drizzle with an umbrella. The leaf is still in my heart, I can't wipe it, I can't wash it. I think, I am like the leaf now, silent, lonely, lonely and ordinary, always like this Marlboro Cigarettes Online For Sale, I will not be so meritorious and arrogant, always silent, not begging to be discovered by whom, prefer Act as a supporting role. In my meditation, a car flies past, I saw the smiling faces of my companions in the car, they have traveled by car, but I walked alone in the rain in the late autumn, lonely, wind and rain have become accustomed. I don't envy them, just enjoying myself in this deep autumn with poetry and painting, like a yellow leaf, floating in the wind and rain of life. Or loneliness, or loneliness, is a supporting role, only the belief in the heart is the protagonist, the main song of my life!

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