I知 writing this just as the game is about to get started.

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Unlike the majority of Texans fans http://www.thetexansfootballauthentic.com/j.j.-watt-jersey-authentic , I am not fortunate enough to get to watch Texans games at home, on account that I live far, far away from Houston and the Texans aren稚 a high priority out here.As a result, I usually go to a Buffalo Wild Wings in Federal Way, Washington which is a suburb roughly halfway between Seattle and Tacoma.This BWW also happens to be frequented by a large cadre of Denver Broncos fans.Their numbers are such that when the Broncos are playing they take up the entire patio section on the side of the building.And they池e loud.Like, as if they thought they were at the stadium levels of loud.And it痴 worst still when they池e at home because they do that dumb[kitten] 的N-COM-PLETE chant which gets really old really fast when you池e trying to watch the Texans do their thing.So here I am, already on my second diet soda and the Broncos fans are already [kitten]ing boisterous.If you hear about a murder spree that took place at a Buffalo Wild Wings in the Seattle suburbs that痴 probably me.Also http://www.thetexansfootballauthentic.com/johnathan-joseph-jersey-authentic , if you do hear about a murder spree, please start a GoFundMe to bail me out of prison because I am too poor and too pretty for prison.Thank you.On with the dog.As always, in finest Hair of the Dog tradition, all swear words have been replaced with the word [kitten] at no cost to you, so you can contribute those savings into the 鉄pring UT from prison GoFundMe account that somebody better have started up.Pre-Game ThoughtsBFDWestonFirst Quarter MDC(Texans score touchdown early.)UTWestonMDCUT(Broncos kick a field goal.Texans lead 7-3.)WestonMDC(Hopkins completes a pass, Broncos challenge the first down.)BFDUTMDCUT (to MDC)MDCBFDSecond Quarter(Texans go for it on fourth and one, turn the ball over on downs.)UTMDCBFDUT (to MDC)MDCMike(Texans force a fumble http://www.thetexansfootballauthentic.com/jadeveon-clowney-jersey-authentic , recover the ball deep in Broncos territory.)MDCUTMDCRight?(Watson completes a touchdown pass to Hopkins.Texans lead 13-3 after Fairbairn botches the extra point.)UTBFDUTWeston (to BFD)Luke (to BFD)WestonUTMDC UT(Broncos score on the easiest TD run of the game.Texans lead 13-10.)Capt RonWeston(Nick Martin 都acks Deshaun Watson, ends Texans drive.)UTBFDMDCCapt RonUTWestonMDCUT (to MDC)(Broncos missed a field goal.Badly.Texans still lead 13-10.)Weston (to MDC)LukeUTLukeBFD (to Luke)UT (to Luke)[Ed. Note:This was when Fairbairn missed on the iced kick which did not count.]MDC(Texans kick a field goal.Lead 16-10.)UTHalftime ReactionsUTBFDMDCBFDMDC (to BFD)WestonUTLukeThird QuarterBFDJeremyUT (to Jeremy)Luke(On the Texans inability to tackle today.)UTLuke(Broncos score a touchdown.Crowd on the patio gets louder.I ponder mass murder and Denver leads 17-16.)
BFDWestonUTBFDLukeUT (to Luke)Kenneth L.UT (to Kenneth)Fourth QuarterMDCBFDWestonUT(Texans score a field goal.Lead 19-17.)Kenneth L.UTLukeMDCUTBFDLuke(Broncos set up to kick game winning field goal.)WestonLuke(McManus misses the game winning kick, Texans win 19-17.)Post-Game ReactionsBFDLukeUTMDCLukeKenneth L.WestonGame BallsOffense - This week I値l give it to Demaryius Thomas because he痴 new and we should welcome him to the team the best way we can, with imaginary gameday balls.Defense - Kareem Jackson had some pretty great hits so we値l give him the ball this week.Special Teams - Ka段mi Fairbairn, with the exception of a PAT which wasn稚 his fault because the laces were in (literally), had some critical field goals today so he can have the game ball today.Got different opinions about who should get the gameballs?Want to celebrate the Texans getting to 6-3, becoming only the second team to do so since the 1970 New York Giants?Other?Let us know in the comments section!Derek Newton Files Grievance Against Houston Texans Remember 2016? Damn Youth D.J. Reader Jersey , what a crappy year. The Texans played the Broncos on Monday Night Football. [NAME REDACTED] threw a fumble that went farther than his yards per attempt that game. The Texans were massacred by an actual good football team once again. But that wasn稚 even the worst part. The most brutal act was Von Miller vaporizing Derek Newton痴 knee caps. The right tackle痴 career came to an end right there in Denver.Since that moment, Newton has tried to crawl back on the field, but he hasn稚 been able to. He was stuck in this weird purgatory where he was trying to come back, and no one heard anything about his recovery externally. Then, this past offseason, the Texans released him from their roster. That wasn稚 the end to this. Newton filed a grievance with the NFL to try and recoup a roster bonus that was supposed to be paid out on April 1st, as he wasn稚 released until April 12th. The rest of Newton痴 contract was already settled when he was released last year. There痴 no logic or rational thinking when it comes to this. It痴 all sentimentality. I loved watching Derek Newton play football Youth Ryan Griffin Jersey , mostly because I was wrapped up in this whole write and argue about football online.I sang from the Derek Newton mountaintops that he was some lower pad level away from being a competent football player. It happened. He went from a seventh round draft pick to a millionaire, one of the rare ones who makes it from the cracked egg shell to the ocean to a carapace. This whole thing has just made me terribly sad.Just pay him the little bit of bonus, Texans. His peak earning years were evaporated along with his patella tendons. The Texans are a billions upon billions of dollars enterprise. They clean up wads with $500,000. This is an opportunity to do the right thing instead of merely saying they do the right thing. But, no, instead they値l keep their hands clenched and not help out a player who made an enormous contribution to this franchise.

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RE: I知 writing this just as the game is about to get started.

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by hendry jullius

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