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Various taxes and land revenue collection and storage of land records are maintained for the states were the main source of revenue. The overall state land survey was completed in 1960. The land records based on the survey and sale, succession, inheritance and land transfer and change position due to the scission occurred. These changes were taken as filing-rejecting and mutation of land records were recorded in writing by Patwari of village. The Bombay Land Revenue Code 1879 'for state law governing the land records. This code changes and modifications those are necessary from time to time which are as effective. It is absolute uniformity throughout Gujarat Land Revenue Code. In this era of growth their importance to the availability of land records of state and more. Record of Rights (ROR) is maintained and updated by the need to obtain crop loans, keeping the land as mortgage, electricity connection, for different purposes such as subsidy is taking. Harvest of each crop season as the evidence are updating land records and use this information for various purposes are previous analysis. Through the land records all information is accessible such as the succession, sale, acquisition, due to the change in ownership title of the land records as grounds to dismiss filed etc. The majority of the land being the primary source of living of the population, land records is extremely important. However, the task of keeping records as handwritten method cumbersome, opaque and compensation for fraud has become extremely complex task.

Traditionally Patwari register holds the data in handwritten for village is known as the form 6. He is the custodian of the statistics and competent revenue officer (circle officer, Up-tehsildar-ground Tehsildar etc.) when authorized by the land records changes are approved, the entry of all the changes. Department of Revenue land records computerization project to digitize the 7/12 and 8A in the initiative. It digitization of land records for 1.5 million of the overall state of the 8000 giant man-months of effort. As the problem of handwritten records received final problem was not in the digitization of data. Online data entry time data validation, verification of records of 1.5 million prints of four types of bulk printing, multi-layered prints with original record revenue verification of handwritten by personnel; at the time of the proposed reform as computerized data verification, etc. The people in the village to observe computerized records prepared and on time to complete tasks such as displaying otherwise digitized statistics become obsolete before it is put into use. It was thought that the digitized data is not kept for the use and handwritten system still prevail the computerized land records statistics data archives will remain as a mere collection.

This is a perfect system includes: (1) Tehsil office counter computerized RoR issue dedicated to this task and (2) the processing mutation in online mode application to receive and immediately it is action. To introduce computerized RoR is the main component for legal records. The task of keeping handwritten records has been closed. Handwritten land records at the village level closing function distribution of free copies as full preparation for verification by the people as had been the practice. As this practice to update the computerized statistics, in the first instance to verify on screen, computerized format printing in bulk copy free, multi-layered prints with original record revenue verification of handwritten by staff, free delivery of copy, accepting objections, handwritten records to reconcile with the objections, to improve the repair process by acting as officer receiving orders were contained in it. 97% of land holders were given the free copy of the computerized RoR. Certificate for distribution of revenues were derived from personnel. The practice spread from the new system to the end user and end user of civic consciousness regarding the quality of data received affirmation.

Mutation duly registered according to law system and computerized record to act as data is updated. Applications are received and mutation these are computer processed at the on-line mode, the computerized land records management system in RoR statistics updates are complete. Therefore, the concept of e-Dhara land records management system using IT as a tool for management of land records. All counters on the system proper release as computerized RoR and was ready to update land records online. Controlled to implement the project was started in the district on a pilot basis initially Junagad. Pilot Vnthli tehsil in the district on which the pilot was elected as Tehsil District E-section was done. The new system of land records maintenance undergone drastic changes and has implemented it in Junagadh district. The system is designed not only to simplify record keeping system, but it has many ancillary benefits. Mutation in the State of the State-Wide Implementation Plan began as the work on-line. According to the revised guidelines of the Government of India, the minimum hardware required for the implementation of the on-line management system tehsils mutation has not provided. Fund of the Government of India for this purpose has been achieved recently. Each district as a pilot function mutation in at least two tehsils Online has launched disciplinary action. 225 tehsils of the state in all its thematic work online 1-4-2005 mutation is implemented.

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RE: anyror.gujarat.gov.in Gujarat ROR Land Records Online Property Details with Owner Name Survey & Khata Number Revenue Dept

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