Wang Wei: Hey, although

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Wang Wei: Hey, although we both know each other for a long time Cartons Of Newport 100S, the two of us seem to have seen each other and soon became the best friends. We have had frictions between us, but I hope that those have disappeared. When I was in Wanyuan (my hometown), I often went out to play with you, but I missed it many times. When you come to the door, I refuse to go. Indeed, I am stubborn, but I don��t want to. At that time, there were many things in my heart, I had some troubles, I wanted to be quiet, maybe my head was hot or my heart was abnormal, sometimes I wanted to get in touch with others, sometimes I was a thousand miles away, you don��t care. Maybe that's my quirk... Remember your birthday? When we were eating Dicos, we told you about the happy birthday, have you been touched? I can't forget your birthday, although it's not my birthday, but that is what I really wish you a happy birthday. Finally, I want to tell you that you are a friend I decided to make a lifetime.ng Yuanzhang: We should be friends from the first and second grades. It counts for five or six years. We have also been friends for five or six years. It is not easy Newport Wholesale Cigarettes, so I hope that it is not easy for you to cherish. Friendship. We also quarreled, but we have reconciled afterwards. Now, is our friendship deeper and more indestructible than before? I don't know what you think... But halfway through, I transferred to Chongqing. It seems that because of this friendship, there is no good for me. I don't know why, but now, I want to say: I want to go back to you with you. Back to the time when our friendship was indestructible. I can't forget Wholesale Usa Cigarettes, we eat instant noodles on the street Cigarettes For Sale Cheap, and that time, you spent the time with me. At that time, we both sang the songs of Mickey Mouse, um... although a little crazy, but we I was very happy, the two of us were so crazy... I really missed it Cheap Cigarette Online Free Shipping. I used to go to school to play "stone scissors cloth", but you almost refused me every time. I don't know why, I always feel that you are a little kind? It is easy to bring me happiness and it is easy for me to release. In a word, you are a madman, I am a rash, Pharaoh, I think our friendship is unchanged, I want to go eat instant noodles with you, sing that song, Lao Wang. Don't forget the Mickey Mouse: It's me! we graduated, but I want to tell you: After graduation, don't forget that I am Liu Chang.

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