Three advantages of polymer composite resin manhole cover

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by jeanlinwpc • 15 Posts

Composite resin manhole covers are made of polymer composites without any recycling value. The resin composite manhole cover is made of unsaturated polyester resin, modified polystyrene, organic, inorganic fiber, modified PS and other high strength materials. The composition of the resin is also natural and synthetic, and the following is a detailed description of the difference between the two. 1. The well cover adopts stratified composite technology to meet the requirements of structure innovation and material innovation. Different reinforcement materials are used in different parts of the well cover, which makes the well cover have higher bearing capacity and longer service life. Competitive in the market. 2. According to the individual needs of the users, the manhole cover merges graphics and text art, relief art and color art into a whole, which is applied on the surface of the manhole cover to achieve artistic effect and to create a school of its own, so as to enhance the cultural grade of the whole project. 3. Multi-color quartz sand is used as wear-resistant material and light stabilizer is added in the wear-resistant layer, the service life of wear-resisting property of the product is doubled, and the high bearing capacity of the product is ensured by continuous strengthening of fiber skeleton. Why the resin manhole is round: there are vehicles passing through the manhole at any time, using a circle, mainly considering that each diameter length of the circular manhole through the center of the manhole is In the same way, if the cover is rolled up by the passing vehicle, it will be slightly wider in diameter than the bottom well head, no matter how it is pressed, and the cover will not fall into the well head. If the square is adopted because the diagonal line of the square is obviously longer than that of each side of the well when the cover is rolled it is easy to fall into the well along the diagonal direction of the wellhead and cause a potential safety hazard. One might ask that if the wellhead is rounded or significantly smaller than the well cover, the square well cover will not fall into the well. Here is a matter of maximizing the use and saving of materials. The use of the wellhead depends on the size of the wellhead, if you have to press an area on it If the square well cover is far larger than that of the well head, the use and practical value of the material will not be more effective than that of the circular well cover, which not only saves the material of the well cover, but also ensures the safety of the well head.

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