On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Auntie

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On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Auntie took me to a car with several small partners to go to the upper reaches of Honggutan.agnificent sea. We rushed to the shallow waters of the sea and looked at the sea Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It felt like the sea eryone Said in unison. Everyone started to catch crabs, but the crab disappeared in a blink of an eye. We looked around and didn't find it. I was a little impatient. I said angrily: "This crab, when I was looking for it, didn't see it, I didn't want to find it. It��s time to run out and join in the fun.�� Everyone listened and laughed. Ye Lin, a good friend next to me, stopped laughing and told me: ��This crab will not come out Newport Cigarettes Website, they must hide in the stone house.�� I��ll order Head, then we came to a big stone, I moved it together with Ye Lin, a group of crabs appeared, I immediately caught a big crab, but because I am still a novice, I have not caught the crab. The hand was clamped by the crab. At first I wanted to give up, but I watched the friends play so much, I still feel itchy, I have to ask Ye Lin. Ye Lin told me that the crab's pliers and the foot can't reach the back. Hold it down and hold it on the back. I followed this method to catch crabs. As a reeart-shaped box with sea and shells. We started to lick the shells, and I groaned and suddenly found a conch in the place far ahead. I crossed over and smashed, ah! The big conch, with a lot of water, there is still a small fry inside, I am very happy, carefully put the conch in the box, the box just can take it. I just put the conch in place, and the aunt urged us to go home. I looked at the watch, only 4 o'clock. We cast our pleadinge beauty of the sea, but also let me know how animals protect themselves.In a twinkling of an eye, the time of six years has long since passed away. Six years of primary school life, has existed in the memory warehouse; six years of friendship, can not be forgotten; have not known how many times I have washed it Cheap Cigarettes, I can't help but fall into meditation, trange and enthusiastic students Marlboro Gold Pack... but I still can��t integrate into this group Carton Of Marlboro Reds, always Do not as and thank, thank you and open, and unconsciously, it has already opened, thank you six times! There are also six new annual rings in the sea banyan tree around, six degrees in spring and autumn, six years! But like a dream, when you wake up, you will never go back, leaving only a beautiful memory to reverberate in your mind; if it is snowy, it will not be found back, leaving only traces of fragrance in the heart. Buried ill no longer be a member of the Young Pioneer, and the red scarf has recorded an unforgettable elementary school experience. Say goodbye to the bright red scarf, bid farewell to the picturesque elementary school life, bid farewell to the beautiful alma mater, bid farewell to the dear teacher. We wiped away the tears and prepared to go. In middle school, we will continue to work hard. Wear a good emblem, wave to the elementary school, wave to the teachers, go to middle school, learn nutrients in the ocean of knowledge, and grow stronger

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