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A billiard table will give endless hours of enjoyment. But beyond the basics of a table Tommy Joseph Authentic Jersey , balls and a cue, there are a host of accessories that can make the experience even more fun ? and improve your game.

For the novice, billiards can be frustrating when you never sink a pot. But there are many training aids that can help. For example, practice cue balls marked with a target will help the beginner to aim, and to observe exactly where they re striking the white. They also give valuable feedback, leading to quick improvement. Another useful purchase for those starting out is a stance mat Rhys Hoskins Authentic Jersey , indicating where the feet should be positioned ? the most important but most overlooked part of a player s technique. Or, for a more hi tech solution, how about adding a laser beam to your cue! A simple attachment onto the shaft, this will project a straight red line, indicating the exact point being hit on the target ball. You ll never miss again.

The more experienced player has different needs, and first on the list is a superior cue. Cue sticks vary in many ways ? their length Nick Williams Authentic Jersey , the type of wood or other material used for the shaft, the shape and type of tip, and the weight of the butt being just some parameters ? and each player has their own preferences. One thing s for sure, though, which is that it can make all the difference to your game. Luckily, there are thousands to choose from Aaron Nola Authentic Jersey , to find the one that has that elusive ?feel?.

A good cue is no good if the balls are poor. Cheap balls chip and mark easily, leading to poor contacts and jumps, which will wreak havoc with your shots. It will also quickly wear away the cloth. Bad balls can be less than perfectly round, meaning that they do not run true, and can pick up static from the table, slowing them down. They can also be the wrong weight Maikel Franco Authentic Jersey , meaning an unrealistic run, and give problems controlling the cue ball. In short, a high quality set of balls can transform your play overnight.

Of course, whatever your standard, there are a few accessories that every pool room should have. A plentiful supply of good chalk is a must ? a couple of cubes per player is a good guide. A small cue stick, for awkward and restricted shots Mike Schmidt Authentic Jersey , will make life a lot easier. A scoring rack will help you keep track of who s winning, and make your play more fun. And you will be surprised at how an overhead hanging light will dramatically improve visibility ? and lead to better shots. Then there are a couple of maintenance necessities. A brush will keep the surface of your table clear of bobbles, lint and other debris that can disturb the run of balls. A cover, meanwhile ? which can be obtained in all sorts of colors, patterns, and materials ? will keep the cloth new and free of dust Pat Neshek Jersey , saving money in the long term.

But for maximum enjoyment, you want that full pool hall experience. There are some great etched mirrors, neon signs and designer clocks that will make your room look authentic. Some deluxe fringe pockets for the table will give a more chunky feel. How about some special leather embossed chairs, for the sitting player to brood in? Or why not go the whole hog, and add a jukebox, for the total pool hall atmosphere. Just make sure you concentrate on your shot!
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