Tien Shinhan character in the game Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Tien Shinhan is one of the main characters of the Dragon Ball. He is an alien of the three. His most prominent feature is his third eye, which he inherited from his strange ancestors.

About personality:
Tien Shinhan is a cold-hearted and brutal warrior who never cares about anyone's life except for his students and mentors. This brutality can be seen clearly when he crushes Yamcha and another driver during the 22nd Olympic Games. However, he finds a best friend in his life in Chiaotzu, to whom he is deeply concerned, and vice versa. He respects Mercenary Mercenary and wants to be a famous killer like him. With the comfort of Master Roshi and Son Goku, he changed his attitude and became one of the most respected warriors on the planet.
In Dragon Ball Z, he is seen striving to become a powerful warrior and still hopes to surpass Goku one day.
To understand the profile of Tien Shinhan as well as other characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ, please visit our website.

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RE: Tien Shinhan character in the game Dragon Ball FighterZ

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RE: Tien Shinhan character in the game Dragon Ball FighterZ

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RE: Tien Shinhan character in the game Dragon Ball FighterZ

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