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Chang'e results can be converted into civilian engine technology to help manage haze
Chang'e III inspector field field special test. Jinghua Times correspondent Gansu Yu Meng】 【Chang'e Moon Chang'e III was the Long March rocket successfully pushed into space. Celebrate, some people can not help but emotion: the moon in the distant vast space, away from us too far. In fact, space technology is not far away from us. China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, the sixth Institute of various running shoes for high arches types of dozens of engines to provide Chang'e to fly on the road, these high-tech liquid rocket engine technology, after the results of transformation, in the civilian field to show their skills. It is closely related with the lives of the people, just around you and running shoes for overpronation me. Xylitol is the most popular food in recent years, especially by young people, however, the production of xylitol mechanical equipment and aerospace also has a great relationship. Launch of running shoes for plantar fasciitis the chaussures nike femme pas cher Chang'e III rocket on each of the main engine has more than three thousand welds, to go through the temperature difference, vibration, radiation of the rigorous test, long-term work so that the six homes accumulated running shoes on sale a lot of welding technology experience. The large reactors that produce xylitol feedstocks are not only complex in design but also extremely demanding for welding. Six homes application of welding trick trick to produce large-scale crystallization machine, reactor, widely used in the field of running shoes lightweight food, produce xylitol, sorbitol, so that people's lives more gusto. For a long time six running shoes for flat feet homes accumulated a large number of special chemical technology, extracted from the engine fuel for a long time, is an important plant growth regulator, dwarf plants can inhibit the growth of foliage, so that more nutrients to spend, Fruit, so that peanuts, potatoes grow bigger. In addition, the six homes using the engine running shoes new balance development in the simulation technology to develop intelligent water supply pump station monitoring technology, to monitor the tap water quality, flow, timely diagnosis of water supply system, timely detection of secondary pollution, explosion and other failures to prevent water pollution And waste, so that people live more convenient. Live space pump to help destroy the high-rise fire wallpaper as a decorative material more and more loved by everyone. Six homes use the engine optoelectronic integration technology, combined with the advantages of large-scale equipment manufacturing, to create a series of well-known Chinese and foreign printing and packaging equipment, wallpaper production equipment which accounted for more than 90% of the domestic market share. Because of the emergence of space printing and packaging machinery, China has basically achieved the replacement of printing equipment imports. With the intensification of the urbanization running shoes cheap process, skyscrapers around us continue to appear, to the traditional fire has brought great challenges. The previous fire pump due to the Authentic Shoes impact of power, fire free 3.0 flyknit mujers water can only hit up to 100 m and 130 meters, can not be more than this range of buildings to implement fire. Six homes will be used in aerospace pump pump technology, so that the fire truck height of the water can be multiplied, can hit 300 m and 400 meters. Not only that, after years of space turbine pump technology transformation, six homes developed a number of running shoes online series, a variety of uses of high school low pressure fire pump products. running shoes brands Aerobics make cars safer As cars grow, oil boom from time to time, how can oil fields be smoothed and quickly transported to refineries coach poppy shoulder bags or other places? The crude oil is delivered to the refinery through hundreds or even thousands of kilometers of tubing, about , and it needs a pump to force it, otherwise it will not be able to finish the long journey. Researchers rely on the engine turbo pump technology developed a long-distance pipeline efficient oil pump, a powerful power output, more uninterrupted reliability of the work, corrosion-resistant features, so that oil transport faster and more secure. The torque converter is an important part of the car. Researchers use liquid rocket engine multi-technology, high temperature brazing technology developed a sheet running shoes black metal punching type hydraulic torque converter, with a lightweight, all welded structure without oil spills, stable performance, high precision, easy to ensure dynamic balance and so on , Used in commercial vehicles, private cars and other cars, people driving running shoes sale the car more secure and comfortable. Vehicles, aircraft and other means of transport vehicles, the role of aerospace power technology should not be overlooked. Researchers use the fluid control technology on the engine, developed the air cushion suspension transport system, in the automobile, aircraft manufacturing assembly belstaff borse process, played a heavy product handling role, improve the efficiency and accuracy of assembly. Environment Chang'e technology to help the haze of the atmosphere, soil, forests, lake and other human beings to survive the environment. Chang'e III power technology through the transformation of our environment more environmentally friendly. Rocket engine michael kors bags through running shoes discount the running shoes barefoot combustion of a huge thrust will Chang'e III to space, researchers have mastered the engine thermal control technology, with low-pressure low calorific value of gas combustion as the representative of more than ten burning technology, the formation of the combustion products to simulate the components Calculated as the core of the incineration process. In recent years, governance haze is a serious problem facing the government. Coal chemical, oil refinery and natural gas chaussures adidas tubular chemical plant emissions of waste gas containing sulfur, thermal power plants, cement kilns and other emissions of flue gas containing nitric oxide, which is the atmosphere of a major source air force one haute of pollution. Researchers use the engine combustion technology developed by the running shoes arch support combustion furnace is the key equipment to deal with acid gas and running shoes altra flue gas, they developed a sulfur recovery, denitrification of the complete set of technology and equipment, effectively control the sulfur, nitric acid and other harmful substances to the atmosphere, let The air we live on is less polluted. Thermal power generated by fly ash, polluted the soil and the atmosphere, if landfill, will be gilet-moncler-femme limited to the destruction of land resources and waste. Researchers use the combustion technology to develop a pulverized coal pressurized gasification running shoes for kids technology, with the system unit integration capacity, so that fly ash is not only no pollution of soil and atmospheric elements, and become an important industrial raw materials such as alumina, effective To protect the soil and air. Rocket nike free 5.0 flyknit engine core device is a turbo pump, for the forest fire frequent situation, researchers use turbo pump technology developed by the police-type fire pump, as long as a person can carry a high efficiency fire, small, light, timely, Fire into a disaster. running shoes store ■ related chopsticks porcelain spoon for space tools to provide inspiration Space technology to improve the human life, while human life for the development of space technology to provide inspiration. According to the US Cable News International Company website on December 2 reported that the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Professor Rong Qiliang imitation chopsticks and ceramic spoons, designed a high-precision space tool. Rong Qiliang designed the core sampler for the European Space Agency's Mars Express mission. The sampler first drills the sample and then simply flips new balance running shoes it, and it holds the core as a pair of chopsticks. He is based on Chinese ceramic spoon design of the excavator with ceramic heat resistance and ease in the deep hole in the ability to operate, like porcelain spoon in the performance of rice bowl is better than the Western-style metal spoon. Reported that Rong Qiang is being developed to track China Chang'e III landing on the moon and the work of the camera targeting system. He said that the moon is far from 380,000 kilometers away, and it is almost impossible for the team to study the NASA's mission, and they will find that they often put down two landing cars at the same time, just to minimize the risk. In China's mission, quality control is very strict. Editor: Song Yan

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In other words, 100 kilometers is 0.935 times the length of The English Channel, and the length of The English Channel is 1.07 times that amount. (average width between Isle of Ushant and The Walde Lighthouse) (La Manche, Ärmelkanal, Mor Breizh, Mor Bretannek) (a.k.a. The Channel) The English Channel measures geico insurance login

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