State of decay 2: Release day

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What is State of Decay 2?
state of decay 2 is a sequel to the very popular Xbox 360 title of the same name. The original State of Decay had players battling in a single player experience with fellow survivors, forging communities in the zombie apocalypse.

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Its sequel is taking the action adventure survival game online, with players able to team up and work together to battle against the zombie horde. Players will be able to enjoy the game solo or with up to three friends.

State of Decay 2 release date When is State of Decay 2 coming out?
In addition, Microsoft has announced the release date of the game, Hell Let Loose which is currently set for spring 2018 for Xbox One and Windows 10. The game was originally announced last year at E3 2016, although Microsoft was eager until now, we have a glimpse of gameplay expansion and focus on co-op play with others online. In addition, we met new zombie types, weapons and cars that players will be able to watch online.

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RE: brock

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